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Asta Nie

Asta Nie

Worldtrade Management Services Leader, China, PwC Asia Pacific Customs and Trade

Asta is the Leader of  PwC's Worldtrade Management Service (WMS) practice, based in Shanghai, China.

Asta is a senior Customs and Trade Compliance professional with over 19 years extensive working experience both in consulting firms and different industries (e.g. Chemical, pharmaceutical, healthcare, medial device, R&C, crop science, IT, high-tech, etc.) by focusing on Customs & international trade intelligence and compliance,  supply chain strategies and planning from Customs and trade perspective.

Asta has good knowledge in both Customs  (including Customs valuation, tariff classification, AEO certification, bonded business, duty exemption scheme, free trade agreement, compliance check etc.) and international trade compliance ( including export control and sanction) with profound experience. When Asta worked in the industry, she gained rich experiences in dealing with Customs audit and investigation and is able to provide practical solution in consideration of the industry particularity.  Meanwhile, she also has successful experience in assisting the companies to obtain favorable treatments including Customs advanced ruling, interim duty rate (IDR),  lower VAT refund rate, move certain product out of restricted category,  etc.   From export control perspective, Asta has practical experience in  assisting the company to set up the framework, control process and system to deal with the increasing enforcement from the international trade.

During Asta‘s 19 years professional experience,  she has been active in Customs  & trade  community and built-up good network throughout China.  She leads the Customs taskforce in different industry associations for interactions with different level Customs and explore the solutions for the industry specific issues. Besides,  she is the c0-chair of Customs &Trade Facilitation Group of Amcham and participated in a couple of advocacy cases.

In addition, with an increasing number of companies ‘going global’ in recent years, Asta also works closely with PwC WMS global network and provides valuable advisory in supply chain restructuring, trade compliance programs, etc.

Asta had a Bachelor Degree in Law (Department of Economic Law) in East China University of Politics and Law. Asta speaks Mandarin, English and Cantonese fluently. 

Contact details

Tel: +86 (21) 2323 2269