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Eugen Trombitas

Eugen Trombitas

Partner, New Zealand, PwC Asia Pacific Customs and Trade

Eugen has over 25 years’ experience in the tax field.  He advises both resident and non-resident clients, including listed companies, on the indirect tax aspects of all types of commercial transactions. 

Eugen has significant experience in the retail sector, B2C industries and has advised a large number of exporters and importers.

Eugen regularly advises multinationals with New Zealand operations on customs-related matters including audits, valuation and duty concessions.

He is a member of the PwC Worldwide Trade Management network and also leads the PwC global E-Commerce indirect taxes team.

He was active advising clients, the Government and Inland Revenue on the GST rate increase in 2010. Eugen has deep relationships with officials at Inland Revenue and NZ Customs. Eugen is a leading commentator on Indirect tax law reform and design.

Relevant experience

  • Advising NZ Customs Service on the rewrite of the Customs legislation
  • Advising Inland Revenue on GST and low value imported goods
  • Lead partner on 30 country duty review for global NZ food exporter
  • Obtaining rulings from Customs Service on concessions and valuation
  • Advising multinationals on NZ import and export strategies and all taxes at the border
  • Representing clients with making disclosures to Customs Service on account of transfer pricing adjustments
  • Representing clients in the Customs Appeal Authority

Contact details

Tel: +64 9 355 8686