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Helen Y Han

Helen Y Han

Partner, Beijing China, PwC Asia Pacific Customs and Trade

Helen is the Partner of  PwC's Worldtrade Management Service (WMS) practice, basic in Beijing, China.

Before joining PwC in 2020, Helen worked in another big 4 firm for around ten years, and she became the Tax Director/Partner from 2014. Before that, Helen had worked for China Customs for over ten years.

When working in the Customs authority, Helen has led training programs for domestic Customs officials, taken participated in the drafting and revision of many customs laws and regulation, and dealt with major audit cases. Moreover, Helen was often sent officially by GAC to attend international forums and training sessions to share with other professionals and WCO experts her profound insights on post-clearance-audit, price valuation, risk management and Customs Management.

In the last 10 years, Helen has led a wide range of customs projects serving a large client base including foreign enterprises, state-owned enterprises and private companies, covering industries of automotive, pharmaceutical, electronics, chemical, energy and telecommunication and so on. Helen’s value on providing professional services is to maintain long-term relationship with clients, therefore, she spares no efforts on continuously delivering her professional insights and assisting clients to understand the future policy trend as well as make plan for future.

Helen has provided clients with practical solutions and visionary advices on World Trade/Customs affairs such as valuation, classification, country of origin, processing trade, internal system, supply chain management, and related transactions. Her strong cooperation ability, excellent communication skills, and great vision assisting in saving potential costs for clients and dealing with emerging problems are great treasures for the clients.

Helen is well known for her insights on World Trade/Customs services and Customs related laws & regulations. Therefore, after leaving the Customs system, she is still invited for some legislative programs. In addition, she has been invited to attend seminars and activities over the country.

While Helen is continuously digging in her expertise, her superb performance also allowed her to own great reputation and trusts among different levels of Authorities, from central to different local offices. It is why we could say that she is one of the best choices for companies that need to communicate and negotiate with the Authorities.

Helen has overseas study experience for pursuing master degree of art in Paris , she holds a Master degree of economics.

Contact details

Tel: +86 (10) 6533 2811