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Ruben Zorge

Ruben Zorge

Assistant Manager, Myanmar, PwC Asia Pacific Customs and Trade

Ruben is a Assistant Manager of PwC’s Worldtrade Management Services (WMS) practice, based in Myanmar and previously in Singapore. Since joining PwC’s WMS, Ruben has been heavily involved in multiple customs valuation, export control, and international trade-related projects at both local and regional level.

Ruben has gained relevant professional experiences in various disciplines, such as specialized financial and corporate services, food & beverage, retail, and international trade in the following countries: Indonesia, Singapore, Maldives, India, South Africa, and the Netherlands.

Key deals credentials in Myanmar

  • Involved in several customs due diligence projects in various industries including
    energy, beverages and consumer products
  • Provided customs ruling application services with successful applications
  • Carried out illicit trade research study in Myanmar together with practices in regional countries to support a policy maker
  • Conducted a study on import tariff structures as part of the optimisation of import tariff / duty privileges for both multinational corporations and Myanmar local companies