Young-Mo Lee

Young-Mo Lee

Partner, South Korea, PwC Asia Pacific Customs and Trade

Youngmo Lee is a Partner/CEO of PwC Consulting Services Corporation (“CSC”).

He has over 25 years of extensive experience in customs consulting work including customs audit, compliance review, ruling request, etc. on various customs areas such as customs valuation, product classification, foreign exchange regulation, Free Trade Agreement, duty exemption/reduction, and duty drawback.

He assists clients with the overall management of the audit process and appeal procedure.

Prior to joining PwC CSC in 2018, Youngmo served as a director with Samjung KPMG and a customs advisor with Lee & Ko. 

Youngmo is a licensed customs attorney and AICPA. He received Master in public affairs from Indiana University-Bloomington.

Contact details

Tel: +82 2 3781 3140