Global Webcast Invitation: Low value imported goods

Title Low value imported goods
Date Wednesday, 21 October 2020
Time 10am CET / 4pm SGT time
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Many territories are introducing low value goods rules which, depending on whether the seller is an underlying supplier, an electronic marketplace, a re-deliverer, or a combination of these will impact businesses selling goods cross borders. 

Businesses will need to:

  • Assess whether they need to register for VAT, or need to comply with any customer notification requirements and are correctly accounting for VAT on their returns.
  • Evaluate their current pricing and customer terms and conditions; and
  • Implement any changes to systems and processes necessary to comply with the proposed new rules.

Often if these are not addressed early enough, VAT obligations could impact on margins.

Many offshore sellers may also be selling services online and need to think about remote services rules.

PwC’s global indirect taxes digital e-commerce network will host a webcast on 21 October to provide guidance to help you navigate these complexities and to share insights of our experiences in supporting clients across all sectors in preparing for new low value goods obligations and rules. 

We will discuss:

  • What changes they need to consider to make sure they comply with the new low value goods rules as soon as possible. 
  • For example, what should a business do regarding the various systems changes that are required to meet the legislative requirements and also make the various changes required to collect the VAT that is to be remitted to the local tax authority?
  • Our experience of where clients impacted by the new rules are also considering wider supply chain transformation and advice on local VAT and Customs matters.

This will be a live, interactive session where you can ask questions to our panel of indirect tax digital economy specialists. We do hope you can join us for this interactive webcast on 21 October. please register via the link below.

Note the event will be at 4pm Singapore time.