Trade Intelligence

Our regional team of trade and customs consultants works with a wide variety of companies across the region on their challenges and opportunities. We monitor, analyse and clarify the cross-border trade regulatory landscape on a daily basis.

On a bi-monthly basis we consolidate our latest findings and experiences into our market-leading "Trade Intelligence Asia Pacific", now in its 20th year of publication. 

The March / April 2024 issue of Trade Intelligence includes the following highlights:

  • The Tariff - Part 4: Resurrections
  • Australia strengthens export control measures to align with AUKUS allies
  • China passes new Customs Tariff Law 
  • Revised declaration requirements, extended validity period of advance rulings and electronic voluntary disclosures in China 
  • India Tribunal issues a ruling on treatment of licence and royalty fees
  • Update on import restrictions in Indonesia 
  • Japan looking to do more trade deals with “the Global South” 
  • Korea Customs releases instructions on providing information when under audit or investigation
  • Malaysia defers implementation of High Value Goods Tax 
  • New controls for import, export and transit of electronic waste in Singapore 
  • Low-value goods imported into Thailand to be subject to 7% VAT
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