Trade Intelligence

Our regional team of trade and customs consultants works with a wide variety of companies across the region on their challenges and opportunities. We monitor, analyse and clarify the cross-border trade regulatory landscape on a daily basis.

On a bi-monthly basis we consolidate our latest findings and experiences into our market-leading "Trade Intelligence Asia Pacific", now in its 20th year of publication. 

The November / December 2023 issue of Trade Intelligence includes the following highlights:

  • This year I will…. Have you made your new year’s resolutions?
  • New rules on importing into the EU through maritime transport
  • New criminal penalties under Australia’s export control regime
  • China announces the 2024 Tariff Adjustment Plan
  • New discretionary penalty benchmarks for customs violations in China
  • Notable royalty case in India
  • New procedural guidelines to import controlled goods in Indonesia
  • Japan Customs releases post clearance audits statistics
  • Malaysia’s sales tax on low value goods became effective on 1 January 2024
  • Thailand updates watchlist and requirements for exports to the US
  • Much ado in Vietnam: 2024 key audit targets, VAT reduction, what foreign companies can and cannot do, possibility for retrospective FTA rates for imports from Myanmar and Philippines


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