Trade Intelligence

Trade Intelligence Asia Pacific seeks to capture the essence of selected issues that are of particular interest to our clients. 

Based on studies as well as meetings and discussions that take place across the region with various trade and customs officials, we consolidate our findings into Trade Intelligence Asia Pacific.

The November / December 2022 issue of Trade Intelligence includes the following highlights:

  • Your Move! Slowly but surely, supply chain shifts are starting to happen
  • Australia-India ECTA enters into force; Indonesia implements RCEP
  • Increased scrutiny on transfer pricing adjustments for related party transactions in Australia
  • Enhanced focus on customs valuation in Indonesia and Taiwan 
  • Various new import and export procedure provisions in Indonesia
  • Japan Customs’ FY2022 post clearance audits summary
  • New measures to handle e-commerce shipments in Japan and Taiwan
  • Tariff cuts on electric vehicles in the Philippines
  • Vietnam implements HS2022
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