Trade Intelligence

Trade Intelligence Asia Pacific seeks to capture the essence of selected issues that are of particular interest to our clients. 

Based on studies as well as meetings and discussions that take place across the region with various trade and customs officials, we consolidate our findings into Trade Intelligence Asia Pacific.

The July / August 2022 issue of Trade Intelligence includes the following highlights:

  • Yellow card. Red Card. Suspension. The practical landscape of penalties in ASEAN
  • “Free” rate of customs duty for electric cars in Australia
  • New updates on the voluntary disclosure process for tax-related violations in China
  • Changes to India Customs’ advance ruling process
  • Changes to the treatment of low value goods in Malaysia
  • Malaysia Customs’ treatment of quantity deficiencies in Special Areas
  • New reward mechanism for informants in the Philippines
  • Singapore Customs fine company S$558,000 for making false statements in applications for preferential certificates of origin
  • Taiwan updates their tariff system to align with the HS 2022 Edition
  • Inspection of goods under DFT’s watchlist before issuing a non-preferential certificate of origin in Thailand
  • Exemption of import duties for goods that are reimported into Vietnam
  • A refund request required in Vietnam to take advantage of tariff benefits under RCEP 
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